Supply of high-quality structural steel

In an effort to improve the production of steel the main focus is to produce dense and finer higher quality products.
To increase the load bearing capacity, reliability and reduced weight it is necessary to reduce the thickness and increase the strength of material. With this in mind we support a wide range of high quality, high strength structural steel.
We are committed to supporting your design activity to achieve the highest possible standards, reducing weight by up to 40%. Helping your ideas become a reality.

About us

Metallimpex specialise in the supply of the highest quality of structural steel from Russia, China and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) to Europe. We have maintained excellent long term relationships with world leading manufacturers enabling us to implement a high quality, cost effective supply chain. Providing the highest quality steel to the Construction, Marine, Aerospace and Defence sectors.

Supplying material across Europe to technical safety focused industries, it is necessary to ensure the highest possible quality standards. Metallimpex are committed to ensuring we exceed all of your expectations, providing full traceability through manufacturers certificates and full Physical and chemical test reports available. With controlled internal processes and people committed to ensure any non-conformance is isolated and any issues are dealt with swiftly and professionally.


'The main priority of our work is a guarantee of quality of products supplied.
In order to successfully compete on the European steel market, we have supplied products that meet the highest quality standards, as evidenced by certificates of the manufacturer, which show all the chemical and mechanical characteristics of each batch of rolled metal products. Any questions that relate to the quality of the material supplied by us, will be analyzed by the quality control department , and we will take immediate steps to resolve the complaint, according to the applicable standards and concluded supply contract.

Followed forged
and hot rolled
Ø 5,0-520/2000-12000
Pipes of cold
and hot rolling
Ø 10,2-219,1/1,6-30,0
Sheet metal
Round and square billets from continuous casting
2000 -12000
Precision welded tubes
Ø 12,0-76,0/0,8-5,0
Hollow beams
and t -bar
6,00-80,00/6 000-12 000




All products are shipped direct from the factory.
We maximize optimize logistics schemes, carry out all customs formalities, prepare the necessary documents and deliver the products to the customer. Through our logistical solutions and extensive experience working with manufacturers, we are able to provide the most competitive price offers on the material even for small orders. For our clients there is a convenient payment scheme, a system of discounts and the possibility of deferred payment.

and Shipping accuracy

and Shipping accuracy

Our company provide the widest range of certified steel of the highest quality. Strict control of the input of rolled metal products, the availability of the necessary conditions for the careful storage. We use modern electronic scales for size and weights. The company can ensure that the different sizes and weights of the metal ordered will be packed and secured to the highest safety standards for storage and shipping.

Flexible plans of discounts

Different discount plans could apply. We appreciate our loyal customers and always welcome new clients.



By placing an order with our company for metal processing you can significantly save your company money while being guaranteed the latest in our modern metallurgic technology. By purchasing our metal billets directly from us, you can reduce your company expenditure, and increase cost effectiveness.

We offer all types of primary metal processing services.
In our metal centres have the most modern high-precision equipment, where qualified specialists process your order as soon as possible.


Supply of material
to individual orders

We accept individual orders for the supply of various products for special order based customer specifications.

To place an order or for more information, please contact our experts and we are willing to answer your queries.

Your benefits:

• Saving time and financial resources
• Reduce capital outlay
• Increasing the productivity and quality of the final product while reducing its cost.


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